About Us


It's an innovative service born of a real physiological need - with wc-advisor the users have the possibility to leave a comment and rate the bathroom of any public place or any public trade.

The bathroom you just used was clean? It smelled? There was toilet paper? There was soap? A disable is able to achieve it? Would you let your kids touch the floor?

We are not another social web app: we are a concrete tool to increase the hygiene and improve the cleaning of all bathrooms in the world thanks to your reviews.


find the next clean toilet.

increase the level of hygiene and better cleaning of the bathrooms in the world through user reviews.


achieve a shared judgment on the quality and cleanliness of every public toilet to help the user in choosing a bathroom that best suits your needs in times of need.

Write your reviews now and help yourself to find the cleanest bathrooms ever! for you and your family!